How to Troubleshoot Paused State of Virtual Machines – An Easy Solution Guide

We all know that we can run multiple Virtual Machines(VM) on a single host system. VMs allow us to run several operating systems and machines on a single host and enable users to run applications and software that we cannot run on our host operating system. The VM uses a virtual disk (in VHD format) to save their data. So, it is really important to keep these VHD files safely. We must maintain a VM in a healthy state because any error in the VM can affect the VHD files. One of the most common errors that we face while using VM is “Paused state”. Here, we will discuss what is Paused state? How we can Troubleshoot Paused state of Virtual Machine.

What is Paused state?

Firstly, we install Hyper V on the system to create VMs. When the virtual system is ready to use and it tries to store data in virtual hard disk sometimes error occurs that the operation has been paused. Paused state error is also displayed if we try to add new snapshots of VM but many snapshots are already present. The user receives the following error message.

 Virtual machine error

When we open the Hyper V manager we can confirm the error by seeing the below-displayed screen.

 Paused state

Additionally, the below events are added to the Microsoft-Windows-Hyper-V-VMMS-Admin log.

Hyper V admin log

Reason for Paused State

The VMs use a shared disk called Cluster shared volume. When the Cluster shared volume gets out of storage it leads the way of VM in Paused State. It signifies that the storage in the hard drives in which the VHD files and snapshots related to VMs are stored is almost full or very less free disk space is available. 

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Methods for Recovering from Paused States error

There are many methods using which we can perform virtual machine recovery. The methods are listed below.

  • We can move the VHD files to some other storage. We can simply copy and paste the VHD files content to desired locations. But they must be handled with care since they are sensitive to data loss.
  • User can fix this error by deleting some data from the Hyper V storage. Users can remove snapshots that have completed their tasks or not required anymore. This will change the state of the VM.

But before performing any of the above methods we must keep few points in mind, which are as follows.

  • Users should not alight the VHD file associated with the domain controlling virtual machine.
  • The user must have access permission before moving the file and folder.
  • Users must own the proper license of the operating system and software used on the VM.
  • Once the VHD file is dismounted, the general VM and the location information of the Virtual Hard Disk must be updated. 

Using the above methods user can recover from a Paused state. But if the VHD files are corrupted there are chances that the recovery from the Paused state may not be possible. If this is the case then you have to use a VHD recovery tool. This tool will easily recover your corrupted VHD files in a few minutes. The tool is developed using highly advanced technologies that can recover your files without any hassle and the user will be able to access the files of the VM.


Here, in this blog, we have discussed in detail about the Paused state of Virtual Machine and how can we recover it. If the VHD files are not damaged user will be able to recover from a Paused state. But if the VHD files are corrupted then the user has to take serious action and recover VHD files using the above-mentioned tool. Hope this blog will help you.