How to Recover Deleted Files from Virtual Disk?

If you accidentally lost your virtual file data from your computer then you are on the right page. As this page will tell you how to recover deleted files from virtual disk by using the easiest methods.

In this article, I am going to explain the brisk ways to restore deleted files and folders from the Virtual machine.

Virtual Disk Data(virtualization)

Latest Windows systems offer to use multiple Windows operating system on particular hardware in order to achieve virtualization over your computer. The Hyper-V manager of Win 10 saves the virtual data either in .vhd or .vhdx file format. But sometimes due to system error or inappropriate issues, the data in the virtual files may get affected or vanished from the virtual disk due to accidental deletion by the user.

Reasons to recover deleted files from virtual machine?

Like windows data file the virtual machine files also prone to corruption or an unspecified error. And if the error doesn’t get resolved on time then you may lose the virtual data files permanently from your computer. So to save the virtual files from such severe error or corruption you must know the reasons by which these files get disturbed and the data in the virtual files vanished from your computer storage space with the blink of the eye. Also, learn how to recover deleted files from Virtual disk.

Software Breakdown:

Sometimes the VMware software imposes an internal bug which produces wrong results. This malfunctioning trends to fails the software which causes loss of virtual files.

Virus attack:

If your computer is attacked by a malicious virus then there is no option left to save your virtual data files from getting infected. This leads to deletion of files to save the other data in your computer. 

Storage Media crash:

The virtual disk uses the physical hard drive to store the virtual data. So if any issue occurred in the hard drive then the virtual data files also tend to fails along with the physical storage.

Accidental deletion of Virtual files:

You may also lose your important data files from your computer due to accidental deletion of data. It always checks the files before deleting them permanently.

Note: Is it possible to recover the deleted virtual data files? Many users have this query about the restoration of deleted virtual files. And you will be surprised to know that you can easily retrieve the deleted or corrupted virtual data files by using the simplest approach discussed below.

Know how to recover deleted files from Virtual Disk

If you want to restore your deleted virtual files or folders back to your computer then you must do it as soon as possible. As the virtual disk uses the physical hard disk to store the virtual data. Thus the operating system starts writing the data to hard disk while it is working such as temporary data, cache data, etc. Overwriting data limit the chances of a successful recovery of virtual data. So, recover deleted files from the virtual machine as soon as possible.

Approach 1: Recovery from Recycle bin

This trick will work if you accidentally deleted or removed the virtual data on a temporary node. You can open the recycle bin of your system and from there you can restore your Virtual data files.  But if the recycle bin is emptied or you mistakenly deleted the virtual files permanently from your computer then you must try the professional virtual disk VHDX file recovery method.

Approach 2: Professional Virtual VHDX file recovery tool

The VHDX File Recovery software is the all you need to restore the deleted virtual files. You can easily recover and restore the vanished virtual data files from your computer due to corruption or accidental deletion. The VHDX file recovery suite is the most trusted and secure virtual file recovery tool available over the internet which doesn’t require any prior technical knowledge to recover the Virtual files. The tool supports all the older and newer versions of Windows OS. You can get the demo version from the authorized website of Virtual Disk Recovery Software and evaluate the tool for free.

Prominent features of the software:

  • Successful recovery of deleted VHDX virtual data files.
  • Interactive user graphical interface.
  • Swift and instant recovery.
  • Recover VHDX virtual file formats like FAT, FAT16, FAT32, etc.
  • Three modes of recovery such as Standard, Advance & Deep.
  • Supports VHDX file data stored in a fixed disk or dynamic disk.


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Last line

So I have explained the process to recover deleted files from the virtual disk. Now it’s your call to use the most appropriate and effective method to restore your virtual files. Virtual Machine experts recommend this tool for smooth virtual file recovery. So save your permanently deleted virtual data back to your computer with ease.

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