Solved – VMDK is Corrupted and Cannot Be Repaired

VMware machines use VMDK file extension to store complete VMs data. Any sort of error or issue in the vmdk file may lead to permanent loss of VMware data. So it is mandatory to remove the error or any type of issue from the vmdk files as soon as possible. In this post, we will be discussing “vmdk is corrupted and cannot be repaired” problem in a virtual machine. So let’s begin with the causes of vmdk file corruption, followed by methods to repair corrupt vmdk files.

What makes VMDK File Corrupted?

Sometimes Hypervisors may not power on executing a corrupted VMDK file. Here are some reasons responsible for VMDK file corruption.

  • The descriptor file is missing.
  • The description section of the VMDK flat file is incorrect
  • VMDK flat file or VMDK file is corrupt

In case of missing VMDK file when you power on a virtual machine it displays errors such as:

  • “Failed to power on. A file was not found.”
  • “Unable to find the file”
  • “The system cannot find the file specified.”

Other reasons for VMDK is corrupted and cannot be repaired

Outside virus Attacks- Seldom due to virus interruption the VMDK files get corrupted and the user is not able to access. The virus can enter from the external sources or maybe from some infected file present in the system.

Unexpected File Closure- Many times it happens that the user in a hurry closes the file in the middle of the saving process. Such performance with the VMDK file makes it corrupted and the user can’t access it in the future and if you have also done the same then please avoid doing so in the future.

Forced System Shutdown- Sudden power failure in the computer system abruptly closes your machine which wrecks the opened files and when the user tries to access those files, he fails to do so. I would suggest you that always have an electricity backup by using a UPS.

There are several other reasons for VMDK File corruption but I have considered the known ones because in the majority of corruption cases these three reasons are common. I have discussed a lot about the causes now let us move directly to the topic that how to fix VMDK is corrupted and cannot be repaired the issue.

How to Solve “VMDK is corrupted and cannot be Repaired” error in VMware?

Method 1: Use VMDK Recovery Utility

By using VMDK Recovery software one can quickly recover corrupted VMDK files. Using this tool you can recover the maximum amount of corrupt data. It is a direct method, not a time-consuming process, like that of manual methods. It’s always recommended to be the best choice first. Some important steps to download it are given below:

  1. Firstly, Launch VMDK Recovery software and then choose the disk type. After this hit Browse >choose the corrupt VMDK file. Press Next.
  2. Next, either select standard or advance mode and then if the partition table is saved in GPT format define it and choose other options as well. Hit next.
  3. Pick the volume from which you want to recover data. To define the custom settings for selected volume recovery check Custom Settings for selected volume box. Hit Next.
  4. Now, you can choose the recovery mode either Standard, Advanced or Deep. Suppose if you select an advanced mode then define the max file systems to find. Press Next.
  5. The selected volume will be scan within a few seconds. Hit OK.
  6. To check the preview of data click files and folders listed in the tree structure. Then choose all the data that you want to save and press Save.
  7. Choose a path for saving the selected files and folders. Hit OK to start the saving process.

Method 2: Create a Backup

The Virtual Machine will not start when a VMDK file or VM server gets corrupts. The following steps will help you to recover the VMDK file in such cases:

  1. Build the backup copy of the original VMDK file.
  2. Create a copy of the pointer file with a different VM to your system.
  3. Make the necessary adjustments to the fields and save the changes.
  4. To repair the VMDK file, boot the virtual machine.

Method 3: Using a Command Prompt

Using Command Prompt is also a good technique for recovering VMDK files, but it is more appropriate for technical users with immense cmd knowledge. Even if you’re a newcomer, use this tool to recover VMDK files. Follow the steps below to recover the VMDK file:

  1. Hit Window + R to open the command prompt and then enter cmd.
  2. Next, move towards the path of the local installation of your VMware Dev kit.
  3. Use this command “vmware-vsdiskmanager.exe” – R “the fully qualified path to your corrupt VMDK” in cmd.
  4. At last, press Enter.

But these two manual methods have the same limitations such as a time-consuming process, low speed of execution, etc. So, choose the software to be the best option first.

Bottom Lines

Corruption of VMware file is a reason for stress. Technically speaking, some professional tools can solve “VMDK is corrupted and cannot be repaired” problem. If you experience problems of damage, inaccessibility in VMDK data or problem of deletion of files & partitions, VMware recovery software is ready to help. This versatile software has been specially designed to restore all your data easily and quickly from the VMDK VMware Virtual machine.