How to solve virtual disk service error the object is not found?

I want to do disk partition of my 256 GB hard drive, so I opened the diskpart window in command prompt and type the command to do disk partition but I was unable to do it as an error was showing up in cmd window of my computer screen which stated that  virtual disk service error the object is not found.

Created partition of hard drive

Why this issue occurred with the disk partition? How can I solve this issue? Tell me the easiest method to get rid of this problem?

Many users are facing this remedy during the disk partition process. Whenever the disk partition error occurs the reason may be different for every situation. So before going to take any action for this error, you must be known the reason behind this issue very well. As a wrong step can cause permanent data loss or a serious corruption to your virtual HDD.

Reasons behind virtual disk service error the object is not found

  • Due to the fatal virtual hard disk.
  • A virtual file like VHD is not responding due to corruption.
  • Your system is not well, some sort of virus is affecting the system.
  • Human error-accidental deletion of some important files.
  • The virtual machine is not responding properly.

There may be several reasons for the disk partition problem. But you will always receive the same error i.e the object not found regarding the virtual disk service error.

Corrupt VHD file or any damaged done to the virtual disk file can cause error then you can solve it with the help of some easy tricks. VHD files are sometimes prone to corruption which also can be the big reason for the virtual disk service error.

Additionally, you will receive the “ virtual disk service error the object is not found” error in Diskpart whenever the virtual disk(VHD) is failing or not responding and not able to hold the partition anymore. In that situation, you can run command CHKDSK /f on that particular disk to check the errors for the hard drive. If virtual disk failing is the reason for disk partition error then, it is recommended to generate the backup for the disk files first and then do data migration with a healthy hard drive using a proper method.

Resolve VHD file error by using the below-mentioned method:


  •  Before trying this method you must go for the new partition of the hard disk. In which you have to try to do the partition again.
  • The tool mentioned will not help you to do disk partition, it will only solve the issues related to the virtual disk file i.e VHD files.

Online VHD file recovery software tool

The VHD recovery software is best designed for repairing the corrupt VHD files which result in disk partition issues. It comes with the advanced algorithms which can easily detect the virtual hard disk related issues. And can repair and recover the virtual disk files data from the corrupt VHD files without losing any piece of data during the recovery process. The interactive user graphical interface of the tool makes it is easy to use software with smart features and great gestures. It doesn’t require prior tech knowledge to operate the software. It also needs less amount of RAM to run over your system.

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Final verdict

I have discussed the simple tricks which will definitely help you out to get rid of the virtual disk service error the object not found.