Learn how to solve virtual machine error 0x800704C8


Generally, error 0x800704c8 arises when the user is unable to configure the system files correctly. The problem may also occur when you try to connect new machines to your Hyper-V server.

Many times the user try to run several applications at one time on the system which leads to the failure of the system and computer stops working due to a sudden crash. The Hyper server also stumbles an error while configuring memory to the newly created virtual machine. The wizard fails to roll back the created virtual machine and your system will throw failed to add device ‘Microsoft Synthetic Ethernet Port’.

Error 0x800704c8 in Virtual machine

During accessing the Hyper-V server suppose you got a message that says the virtual machine configuration GUID at C:\Program Data\Microsoft\Windows\Hyper-V  is no longer accessible: The requested operation cannot be performed on a file with a user-mapped section open. (0x800704C8).

After getting such error with your virtual machine then it is very tough to work with the present data in your system. So further we will be discussing the reasons by which you have to face this virtual machine error failure.

Reasons behind this virtual machine error 0x800704c8

When you are unable to create a virtual machine on your computer system then the reasons may vary from situation to situation. The main reasons for this error have been discussed below:

  • Startup disturbance
  • RAM decline
  • Broken files
  • Unneeded or surplus application installation

How to remove virtual machine error

In order to resolve 0x800704c8, you can not just do it with the blink of the eye. For a quick solution of this error, you have to download the Hyper-V VHD repair tool. It is the most suitable solution for this error in your virtual machine. The tool is designed with the latest algorithms for fast repair.

VHDX Recovery software for error 0x800704c8

During the installation of the Hyper-V environment in your system a few times you have to face the virtual machine crash and it is difficult to create a virtual machine over the computer. This tool will help to fix the virtual machine hyper-v vhd files that can be the reason for the failure of the virtual machine. This software will allow you to install the Hyper-V machine properly. The VHDX files will be repaired and the Hyper-V server will work again in the same error-free situation.

Notable features:

  • Maximum VHDX file recovery.
  • Support for VHDX file stored in a fixed disk or dynamic disk.
  • Free demo version is available for understanding the software.
  • Run-on every version of Windows OS platform.
  • Simple user interface for technical or non-technical users to repair corrupt Hyper-V VHD file.

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Final say

The error 0x800704c8 will be solved and you will be able to install the Hyper-V environment over your computer with this smart VHDX recovery tool. So download it from the authorized website and save and protect your virtual data from errors.

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