How to Recover Corrupt VDI files on Windows

Struggling with a corrupt VDI file and searching for ways to recover corrupt VDI files on Windows? If yes, then grasp all the information given in this article, here we will discuss the best ways to get rid of the corrupt VDI files. 

Virtual Machines are in great demand these days. Oracle VirtualBox mainly uses VDI files for the entire Windows, Mac, and Unix operating systems. VDI is popular this much due to its various services such as improved data security,  cheaper costs, enhanced graphics, power-saving, and many more.

VDI Files:

In simple words, understand the VDI file is nothing, but a file that virtual machine VirtualBox of Oracle uses. Virtual machine VirtualBox is a desktop virtualization solution that is an open-source application. You can simply understand it as a hard disk on various platforms such as Windows, Unix, and Mac. You can easily execute programs written for different OS in an expeditious virtual configuration. 

But like other system files, VDI files are disposed of to corruption. Due to corruption in VDI files, the data becomes inaccessible and in some severe cases, there may be data loss too. So here, in this write-up, we will discuss how to restore VDI on Windows.

Top Two Methods to recover corrupt VDI files on windows For Free:

There may be various ways to repair the VDI Files, but here we will discuss the top two: 

  1. Repair corrupt VDI file using Check disk
  2. Repair the corrupt VirtualBox VDI file using Expert Solution

Let’s elaborate on these methods to repair VDI in the below segment also, we will discuss the alternative methods with VDI tools

Method 1. Repair Corrupt VDI file using Checkdisk

Follow the below instructed steps to recover the damaged VDI files using Checkdisk:

  • Browse the drive where you saved the corrupt VirtualBox VDI.
  • Then reach to My Computer, choose the target drive by pressing on it.
  • Do Right-click on the drive to view the context menu, then select Properties.
  • Now, reach the Tools tab, below the Error Checking, press on Check now button.
  • Put a tick mark on All options in Check disk options, then hit the Start button.
  • Currently, if the system is not using the drive, the check disk will initiate immediately.
  • If the system is not using the drive, then you will get a dialogue box. Where you will be asked if you need to remove the drive volume first. And after this press Cancel 
  • On Next, you will be asked if you need to schedule a disk check whenever you initialize your system. Now, select the Schedule disk check button. Then restart the system to initialize the disk check.
  • Once, the disk check completes. Your issue to recover the corrupt VDI files on Windows will be resolved. And then try to load the virtual machine to see whether the issue is resolved or not. 

If you still find the issue, then move to the next solution about recover corrupt VDI files on windows i.e, expert solutions discussed in the below segment. 

Method 2. Recover Corrupt VDI files on Windows using Expert Solution

The expert solution means using automated utilities like the VDI Recovery Tool. An expert solution is always a smart way to deal with such an issue. A very disliking or hurting part of the VDI file or Virtual Disk Image is that they are easily vulnerable to corruption. But now with this VDI recovery tool, it becomes easier to repair entire corrupt VDI files to their original versions. The tool has great compatibility with the entire file system of VHD i.e. FAT, FAT64, FAT16, NTFS, HFS+, FAT32, and EXTX. The tool is capable not only to repair Virtual Disk files. But it also restores the resultant files into their original formats.

Let’s see some of the exceptional features that make it the standalone and popular utility: 

  • The tool allows its users to restore the formatted or removed files from Virtual Machines again to their Original forms with ultra-speed. 
  • The software is capable of restoring from both disk types i.e, Fixed and Dynamic disks.
  • Constitutes two scanning modes for distinct levels of corruption, named as Standard and Advanced modes
  • Enable their user to add new custom volumes and change the configuration.
  • The tool has a RAW recovery mode and an option that allows users to add new file signatures.
  • The utility is built up in a way that it has three recovery modes to recover maximum possible data: Standard, Advanced, & Deep. So that it can easily restore VDI files.
  • Available with an Auto-search feature that helps you to search particular file’s names.
  • The VDI recovery tool has also its demo version which you can use for the evaluation of its working before you buy it. 


VDI corruption is now a common scenario nowadays. So, here we discussed the top two solutions to recover corrupt VDI files on Windows. You can use any of the discussed above, but an expert solution is always a smart approach to deal with such corruption.