Top 4 VDI Recovery Tool- Ultimate Guide 2023

Hello readers! We all are aware that Virtual Machines are highly in demand nowadays. Oracle VirtualBox majorly uses VDI files for all Windows, Mac, and Unix operating systems. Users get many key benefits with VDI like improved data security, lower costs, better graphics, power-saving and much more. 

But like any other system files, these VDI files are prone to corruption or damage. During this corruption time, we are not able to access the data and more importantly, there are is a risk of data loss. So, I am here with the best 4 VDI Recovery Tool using which you can perform a maximum amount of recovery from corrupted files.

  1. DRS VDI Repair Tool

DRS VDI Repair Tool is the most advanced tool available for performing VDI recovery tools. The utility is recommended by many professionals and holds good ratings too. The tool is capable of restoring data from VDI files created from any format whether Windows, Mac or Linux. Let’s discuss some key features of the tool. 

Key Features:

  • It Repairs corrupt VDI aka virtual disk image files and recovers data from them effortlessly.
  • Supporting recovery from both disk types: Fixed and Dynamic disks
  • Offers two scanning modes for different levels of corruption, i.e., Standard and Advanced modes.
  • Holds both popular partition tables, i.e., MBR (old) as well as GPT (new).
  • Utility supports all file systems of major operating systems, i.e. FAT, FAT16, FAT32, FAT64, NTFS, HFS+, and EXTX.
  • Awesome Auto-search feature for searching specific file names in the tree-structure.

2. SysInfo VDI Recovery Tool 

This an awesome software developed with highly advanced algorithms that can help in recovering data from VDI files easily. The utility restores data to their original forms and restores the maximum content from the files. The below are the amazing features of this tool. 

Key features:

  • Tool offers Smart tree-structure preview for recovered files and folders before saving them.
  • Free online VDI Repair tool available to Preview repaired VDI files.
  • The tool has a RAW recovery mode as well as provide an option for adding new file signatures.
  • It also allows users to add new custom volumes and also customize the settings.

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3. Aryson VDI Recovery Wizard  

Aryson VDI Recovery Wizard is another excellent VDI Recovery Tool that is helpful. VDI Recovery Wizard is easy to use, and a reliable solution for data recovery from corrupted VirtualBox virtual machines saved as .vdi files. The tool offers many features. 

Key features:

  • The tool allows users to view & recover data from VirtualBox virtual machines, which fails to start and displays black screen error messages.
  • The utility is Tested on more than 3 TB of data.
  • The software recovers data from missing or lost, deleted or raw VDI virtual disk partitions.
  • Also supports data recovery from both common file systems NTFS & FAT used on a virtual machine

4. VDiskRecovery VDI Recovery Software 

Another great VDI Recovery Tool comes from VDiskRecovery that is one of the most outstanding tools available in the market. The tool holds an easy to use GUI that allows both non-technical and technical users to use it. If you’re having a corrupt Virtual Disk Image aka VDI files created by Oracle VirtualBox, you must go with VDI Recovery software that offers many features.

Key features:

  • The tool restores data files in their original forms at a user-defined location.
  • Supporting the recovery of both the types of dynamic or fixed disk.
  • Three recovery modes for restoring maximum possible data: Standard, Advanced and Deep.
  • An Auto-search feature for searching particular files.

Final Verdict

Now, after reading this blog, you must be able to figure out the solution to the problem of finding the best VDI recovery tools available in the market. Lastly, it now up to you to select a tool from the above list and recover your VDI files and be saved from any data loss.