How to use VHD Recovery Software Free Application?

It happens to every virtual user once in a life that he/she has to deal with the corrupt virtual machine issues. Although if the user is a fastidious technician then also it happens that the important virtual files may prone to corruption and the user needs a brisk solution or method to repair the virtual files. Till then the virtual VHD files will be inaccessible to the user. For the repairing process, the user must be aware of the methods of VHD recovery software free tool recommend by virtual machine experts.

Know VHD file

A VHD file is used by the virtual machine to store the data in the virtual hard drive format. It is created in the system when we back up our computer using a backup utility. The VHD file is used to store the disk image of the complete system when you try backup the system. The disk image gets stored in the form of VHD file format.

Like a physical hard disk, the virtual hard drive VHD can also store the data of the virtual machine. You can create a VHD file using the Disk Management utility of the Windows.

Issues with the VHD file

Storing data in the virtual environment sometimes deals with the worst scenarios of data loss when the VHD file is no more available or get corrupted due to certain reasons. There is no other option left to repair the VHD files and recover the maximum possible data from it. The VHD unreadable error is like a disaster for the virtual machine user because most of the data is stored in the form of the VHD file format. So to recover the deleted data from the virtual storage you need to follow the proper and expertise corrupt VHD recovery procedure. Now let’s discuss the quick solution for such VHD corruption issues.

Download VHD recovery software free tool

The most efficient way to recover large size VHD files is an Advance VHD file recovery tool. The developer team of Vdiskrecovery Software by looking at the demand of a large number of virtual machine users. The software has the capacity to deal with the severe corruption errors with the VHD file. If the user needs a tool which can repair VHD files with ease and recover maximum possible data from the deleted VHD files then this software is the best choice to opt-out for. The tool is designed with the best algorithms which will scan and resolve the issues related with the virtual VHD files.

Download Now

Download the software on your computer and you will get two scanning modes for a different level of corruption. For normal error, you can use the Standard mode, but if the damage level is high then you can go for the Advance scanning process.

The software can recover deleted files and folders from your system within just a minute by scanning all of the storage units of your device. The user-friendly interface of the tool makes it a unique tool than that of other vendors over the internet.

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Steps to recover deleted files from VHD

If you want to save your vhd data back to your storage then you must follow these easy steps which will lead you towards the use of the VHD recovery tool.

  • Download and Launch the VHD recovery software, choose disk type from dynamic or fixed. Add the VHD file to recover.

  • Here you can see the file information. Press NEXT to process further.

  • Choose from Standard or Advance scanning mode. Determine the settings with the scanning mode and click NEXT.

  • Pick the volume list from where you want to recover data, define the custom settings with the selected volume and click NEXT.

  • Now choose the recovery mode according to the corruption level from Standard, Advanced, and Deep. Hit the NEXT button to start the recovery process.

  • After the scanning process, hit the OK button. Afterward, preview each and every folder and select save option.

  • Define the location where you want to store the recovered data. Click OK to begin the VHD file recovery process.

Time to conclude

Virtual VHD files are the important files of the virtual machine. So secure them before they get corrupt. I have discussed the complete procedure to repair and restore the deleted or corrupted VHD files. So now you can get back your VHD file data with the help of VHD recovery software free tool.